Mosier Waterfront Work Party Feb. 17th 2003

What a great Work Party!! Thanks to all of you who showed up & put your backs into our work today. The morning was sunny & beautiful and twenty-three people showed up to help out. The workers ranged in age from 7 to 84 years of age! The young kids learned how to plant maple seeds on the Columbia and willow cuttings next to the river. Tom and Donna Wehrley did an admirable job around the waste water plant, working hard to distract the eye and make the area more attractive with Oregon grape & wild roses! The roses are only around the facility gate - the operators don't want any species near the west end of the plant that have falling leaves or needles. The site has been a real challenge - three years of plantings have not thrived, but this year's will prosper: it was a very good sign that  as soon as we finished the fantastic pizza lunch provided by Iva Harmon, we had a heavy rain! The plants should be very happy...

One of the problems with a gravel parking lot is how do you show people where to park?   Auto bumpers was an idea that seemed workable.  Due to some thinning there were a lot of 5 to 6 inch logs which had been cut into 6 foot lengths.  These were drilled so that rebar could be used to hold them in place.

Pictured Left to Right: Olivia, Joseph, Matt & Jim.

The logs were then laid out along the side of the parking lot.

Pictured Left to Right: Nerissa, Kim, Gay & Jim.

Rebar was driven down through the holes to hold them in place.  This took a lot of work due to the rocks underneath.

Pictured Right to Left: Nerissa, Olivia, Matt, Jim & Joseph.

Much of the rebar was used and had to be straightened.

Pictured right to left: Kim & Nerissa

We took turns as this was hard work.

Pictured right to left: Wilton, Matt & MacKenzie.

We had a cutting torch there to work on the rebar so at the end we went down under the bridge and removed several pieces that were sticking out waiting to puncture someone.

Pictured: Wilton

By the time we were finished we had parking bumpers which marked out a walk way on the West side of the parking lot.

The remaining logs were put down the East side to make it all match.

Parking should be much better this year.