Mosier Water Front Update Spring 2002

Construction has started on the Mosier water front.  The trail from Mosier Creek to Rock Creek has been covered with a fine gravel which makes nice walking.  A new section of trail has been added from the back part of the Rock Creek parking lot to the lake East of the off ramp.  This includes a nice set of steps and a switch back cut into the West side of the off ramp.

The work was done from the Rock Creek end.  Here is a picture of the equipment used.

The rough area near the South East corner was smoothed over with heavy equipment.

Most of the parking lot was covered with the same fine gravel and rocks were added to help mark out the parking area.  This center section may not be final as more work will be done this fall.  We really need to see this place full of cars to make sure just how all this will work. The rocks down the center mark out 45 degree parking.

Here is another picture from a different angle. The plan is for people to park diagonally into the freeway prism & all around the eastern edge of the parking area. They can also park all along the railroad tracks. 

There is a new trail that goes from the South end of the parking lot under the freeway off ramp to the lake.

The trail was put in with help from an AmeriCorps team.

They built a set of rock steps up to the edge of the parking lot.

In this picture taken from the beach you can see the trail which extends from Mosier Creek to Rock Creek.

A number of the summer visitors have told me that this creek never has water in it so we should not have to worry about where people park.  Just to show that this is not true I have added this picture and the following two.

This is the old highway bridge and you can see plenty of water plus the trees are returning after they were removed during the 1996 flood.  Here is a link to the same bridge and some flood pictures from 1996.   1996 Flood

Water was flowing through the middle and left sections and there was water standing in the access road this spring. Steelhead, Ranbow Trout and Coho have been seen in the creek this year. We hope that when they come back from the ocean, this place will be much more fish friendly.