Columbia River Gorge Recreation Funding Request

Site Improvment Types Users/Year Phase 1 Funding (Match) Phase 2 Funding
Total Funding Request
Spring Creek Hatchery State Park Improved river access.  Improved user parking and pedestrian facilities.  Improved safety of the site.  Good habitat protection. 40,000 $452K $1,553K
Mosier Waterfront River access for swimming, fishing, windsurfing & other water related sports.  Improved user parking.  Two trail links to HCRH*. 20,000 $610K
[$500K FUNDED]
Viento State Park River access, swimming, fishing, windsurfing & other water-based pursuits, beach trail linked to HCRH*.  Good habitat protection. 10,000 $140K


$1,370K  FOR

West Mayer State Park Improved river access, boating, camping, windsurfing, swimming, picnicking, river trail, link to East Mayer.  Excellent reclamation. 20,000 $980K

Total Funding Request                                      $3,915K

* HCRJ - Historic Columbia River Highway

Contact:  Diane Barkhimer - Executive Director, Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association
        Gay Jervey - Board of Directors, Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association

        Columbia Gorge Recreation Coalition
        PO Box 182, Hood River, OR 97031
        Phone:  541-386-9225; Fax:  541-386-2783;  E-mail: