The Mosier/Rowena/Viento May 19 SOLV Cleanup was a great success!

First: a great big THANK YOU to everyone attending - you are Oregon Heroes!
This was the first time Gorge locations were included in the event & we did VERY well for a first go at it.

Second: Here are some statistics:
117 people attended plus more who missed the sign-up
2.75 tons of trash were collected
13 yards of natural debris collected (blackberries, poison oak, knapweed)

Third: Special contributions:
Fred Noble or Noble Fred, we can't tell the difference anymore
Bill Ward, poison oak specialist
Chris Mayhall, wonderful photos
Marco Long & Jan Leininger, best hole digging & water finding
Nathan Salter, Tiremaster
Jim Deaton, Trailmaster
Special mention to Linda Maddox who led a cleaup of the entire Columbia River shorefront!

Companies who gave support:
Columbia Gorge Roads (Stuart Chrisman)
Kennedy Excavating
Mosier Market
Pietro's Pizza
Big Winds, Hood River
Hood River Coffee Company

Groups & Agencies involved:
Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association
Oregon Parks & Recreation Department
Mosier Alliance
Mosier American Legion
ODOT Region 4
Wasco County Soil & Water Conservation
Native Plant Society

And of  course, many thanks to the SOLV organizers & the companies which supports SOLV:
Hewlett Packard
Portland Marine Dealers
Oregon Lottery
Oregon State Marine Board

Now for some pictures of what was going on.

Tamara Shannon (Below) & Arlene Burns (Above) are cleaning up trash along the Columbia River
(Linda Maddox was a MAJOR participant also).

Betty & Sally:  Elizabeth Deaton, and faithful pal Sally at the Cemetery trail cleanup.

Jimbo Deaton, is a retired Forest Service engineer who is serving as our
volunteer Trailmaster for all the interconnected Mosier projects: Pocket
Park to Pioneer Cemetery to Waterfront Park to Twin Tunnels.

Mayor Don - Mosier Mayor Don Clarkson was in charge of "toning down" the
waste water plant's color scheme from swimming pool aqua to a fade-away

Pioneer Cemetery - The Mosier Pioneer Cemetery has graves dating back to
1865. The trail to the Cemetery connects to the Mosier Waterfront at Mosier
Creek Bridge and also to the new City Pocket Park & Mosier Waterfall. Shown
here are Bill Ward, Mosier City Council, and Barbara Robinson, Native Plant
Society, giving poison oak a hard time along the Pioneer Cemetery Trail.

More Poison Oak removal by Bill Ward.

Rock Creek Man - You know who you are!!!

The Rowena Commanders.

Rowena Comandoes

Crew in Charge (well, not really) - Mosier residents, Joe Mosca, Native
Plant Society, Gay Jervey, and Iva Harmon, Mosier City Council at the sign
up in front of the Mosier Market.

SOLV is a statewide effort that provides supplies and materials for the
annual Riverside Cleanup Event.

More trash being collected.

Water station - Marco Long, Mosier Alliance and Jan Leininger, Pres. Wasco
County Historical Society dig for water in Rock Creek. Several such holes
will give us an idea of the depth of channel required to make Rock Creek a
year-round stream!