Mosier Work Party Sunday April 1

Despite cold, rain & wind we had 52 people on site working very hard for the morning & early afternoon. Here are some of your accomplishments:

1) Painting for waste water plant (hooray!)
2) Planting 584 trees (mainly willows)
3) Clearing & cleaning up Bob Giroux's property
4) Organizing & cleaning Bob's House
5) Clearing blackberries & trash from downtown lawn & park area

Here are a few pictures that were taken to show what was done:

The waste water treatment plant needed a new coat of paint.  It has been blue for many years so the new color is somewhat more
subdued.  The Mayor of Mosier organized this project and stayed well into the afternoon painting.

Mayor Don - Mosier Mayor Don Clarkson was in charge of "toning down" the
waste water plant's color scheme from swimming pool aqua to a fade-away

The road side of both buildings is painted but from the back we still have some of the old color to do a comparison.

The East side of Rock Creek was planted with about 350 willows.  A piece of rebar was driven about 14 inches into the ground and then removed carefully.  The willows were put into the hole and the ground pushed back in around them.  This was hard work due to all the rocks on the creek bank.

The sign was added last year to keep people out of the creek in accordance with the new Salmon ruling.  The planting along the stream bank should help this also and provide some shade in a very flood ravaged area.

The bank between the Old Highway and Bob Giroux's house was also planted.  Bob was a good friend to the windsrufers in Mosier.  Many of them stayed in his house or on his property.  Bob died last year, and the executor of his will allowed us to clean up a large amount of junk, much of which came from the 1996 flood.  Bob's original house was destroyed in that flood.  Here is a picture so that you can get a before and after affect.

This was Bob's house after the flood.

Here is Bob's house from the rear.  Notice that there is water in the creek but it goes into the ground before it gets to the Old Highway Bridge.

Two large fires burned junk most of the day and here is a picture of the stuff that was left.

When you get this many clowns together on April 1, and you just fed them all the pizza and pop that they could eat, something else is sure to happen.

This is serious business.

Notice Gay in the middle.           ^         Does she really know where she is?

Actually Gay knows very well where she is and what she is doing.  Take a look at the following:

Gay has been working very hard on getting a new entrance made into the sailing area.  The bank has been cut and the dry stack rock wall is now finished on both sides.  We hope to have this completed by the time the sailing season really gets under way.

The following link shows a walking tour of the new entrance.

This group has a great bunch of people who like to volunteer their time and energy to making our beaches a better place.