Mosier Work Party Saturday Feb 3

The Mosier work party turned out to be a big success.  There were a number of work groups so it is hard to describe in detail all that was done.  The pictures shown below are an attempt to give a feel for what went on.  First we need to give credit to all those that came to help.  Gay Jervey has compiled some information on our supporters.

There were 119 people attending the Saturday, February 3, 2001 Monster Work Party. There were no serious injuries, despite the grueling nature of some of the work. The weather was perfect, sunny partly, not too cold, no rain. Many people worked from 9 am to 1 pm (pizza time at the American Legion). But about a third of the group stayed until 5 or 6 pm.

There were 9 teams working over about a mile of waterfront area.

Overall Leader / Work Master - Fred Noble, CGWA.                    Diane Barkhimer, Exec. Director CGWA
Team Leaders / Organizers                                                          Gay Jervey, CGWA. Wasco County EcoDevo
     (Some of the prep work began 3 weeks prior to the event.)       Chris Nygard, CGWA Board, White Salmon
James Deaton, Mosier Resident                                                   Claudia Nygard, CGWA Board, White Salmon
Elizabeth Daniel, Mosier, Wasco County Master Gardener             Holly Coccoli, Hood River Watershed
Andrea Rogers, Mosier City Council, CGWA                                Carol Schmidt-Dearholt, Mosier
Iva Harmon, Mosier City Council                                                 Wilton Hart, CGWA Board, Mosier Launch Site Coordinator
Barbara Robinson, Mosier, Native Plant Society                            Sam Wilkins, ODOT
Doug Crow, Mosier, Gorge Commissioner                                   Tiffany Newton, Field Organizer, Friends of the Columbia Gorge

The people attending could be broken into 4 major categories:

53 people from Mosier
29 people from CGWA (some are also Mosier residents)
21 people from The Dalles
6 people from Portland
5 people from Hood River
5 people from Far Away

Some other groups participating are:
Native Plant Society
Oregon Parks and Recreation
Mosier Grange
Mosier American Legion
State Senator Ted Ferrioli

The age range of people attending was large.  A good guess would put the range was 17 to 78, average age was 45-50. Lots of
aging backs needed linament Saturday night!! The young people were doing the heavy lifting and the young women
were especially effective.

Now for some pictures and a discussion of where each was taken.

People at the 9am sign in getting donuts, coffee, and a very nice T-shirt.  T-Shirt Picture

Abut 6 truck loads of tree branches and black berries were cleaned up around the Rock Creek sailing area.

The West beach access was cleaned and widened.

All the branches were hauled out onto the beach and burned.

Doug Crow showed up with drinks mid morning.  He then went and got Pizza for everyone.

Everyone has a little pyro in them so building a fire on the beach seemed more fun than work.

When the work was done the crew lined up for a picture.  The barge was an extra.

One of the main goals of the work party was to create a trail around the lake in front of the city of Mosier.  Here is Fred Noble working on the trail.

The trail was cut through some huge black berry thickets and there were at least 4 more large burn piles that were created.

The trail starts in front of the Mosier Store and ends at Mosier Creek.  The beaver have been busy this winter building a large dam across Mosier Creek.

There were some large salmon trying to get over the beaver dam.  If this does not set well with you please take a look at this  link. Beaver Humor

Oregon Parks provided a truck to pick up all the garbage that would not burn.  There were two large piles of garbage like this.

Iva Harmon and Fred Noble standing by the pile of trash.  All in all it was a good Mosier work party.